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US Gifts Patrol Vessels to Georgia

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Friday, October 19
The US Government has gifted Georgia two patrol vessels to protect its Black Sea Coast more effectively.

The boats were handed to Georgia yesterday, on the 20th anniversary of the Georgian coast guard.

Acting US Ambassador Elisabeth Rood, who attended the occasion in Georgia’s western coastal town Poti yesterday, said that his government would not have handed the boats better country than Georgia.

In her speech delivered in Georgian Rood said that the Island-class boats have served the American people faithfully for years.

“I expect that the vessels will now serve the Georgian people in the same way,” Rood said.

She vowed the US further support for Georgia’s state and coastal security and said that her country will help Georgia retrain its coast security staff.

Georgian PM Mamuka Bakhtadze thanked the US for the support and said that the boats will play their roles for Georgia’s and the region’s coastal security.

He said that he was glad that the US is well aware of the importance of the Black Sea Security for providing international security.

Bakhtadze said that his government will take further steps to ensure more effectiveness of the coastal guard.

Interior Minister Giorgi Gakharia congratulated his staff on the day and wished them to contribute for Georgia’s NATO integration, as Georgia is eager to get actively involved in the NATO –initiated Black Sea Security direction.