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Opposition Presidential Candidate Demands Answers on four Questions from the Ruling Team-Supported Opponent

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Wednesday, October 24
The presidential candidate of the United National Movement and nine other opposition parties, former FM Grigol Vashadze has demanded answers on four questions from also ex-FM, the Georgian Dream ruling party supported independent presidential candidate Salome Zourabichvili.

"She supports marijuana cultivation in Georgia and agrees with Putin and Medvedev that Georgia started the 2008 war,” Vashadze said.

“Georgians have the right to receive answers from the presidential candidate on the following questions: Why did she not support the punishment of the murderers of teenagers [referring to the murder case of two teenage boys in Tbilisi last year, in a school brawl], when she was a member of the Temporary Investigation Commission in Parliament; why did she not respond to the secret recordings related to one of the main figures of the case Mirza Subeliani; why didn’t she respond to the Omega Group case [about alleged suppression of business by the government] and closure of Iberia TV [owned by Omega], why didn’t she comment on the luxurious apartments bought by the Georgian Dream MPs after coming to power”, Vashadze said.

Zourabichvili responded that she “does not feel obliged” to answer.

About the Russia-Georgia 2008 war, Zourabichvili said that Saakashvili was provoked by Russians to open fire.

She said that Russia has been trying for many years to provoke Georgian leaders to get involved in offensives and Saakashvili actually met the Russian goals.

Georgian presidential elections are scheduled on Sunday.