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NGO releases information on property of ex-Chief Prosecutor Partskhaladze

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thursday, November 8
Transparency International Georgia (TI Georgia) has released information about the property of controversial figure Otar Partskhaladze, who served as Georgian chief Prosecutor in 2013.

Partskhaladze was charged on Tuesday and released on bail for the beating of the former chief auditor of Georgia Lasha Tordia in 2017. He is also mentioned in the recently leaked audio recordings about alleged governmental pressure on business.

TI Georgia says that when Partskhaladze was appointed as a chief prosecutor he owned 226 square meters of land and two real estates, while now he owns 7,700 square meters of land and up to 24 real estates.

TI Georgia says that in 2015 Partskhaladze bought 40 percent share of Royal Development for 50 GEL and sold the share next year for 155,000 USD.

The NGO claims that in 2014-2015 Partskhaladze and his wife bought 100 percent share of LTD Mitera for 2,500 GEL and sold the share in August 2016 for 65,000USD.

“In 2016 Partskhaladze bought the 100 percent share of the BSRCDG Development with 235,000 USD,” the NGO says.

TI Georgia says that currently Partskhaladze and his family members own shares in four companies.

The opposition says that Partskhaladze has done the “black work” for the Georgian Dream government and that is why he has never been punished.

The opposition speaks about alleged corruption and illegality through which Partskhaladze accumulated the property.

The NGOs and opposition believe that Partskhaladze’s charge regarding Tordia and his release on bail was an “election show.”