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De Facto Abkhazia Expects Recognition from North Korea

By Tea Mariamidze
Thursday, November 29
Georgia’s occupied region of Abkhazia expects that North Korea will recognize it as an independent state in the near future like it was done by Russia, Syria, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Nauru.

Abkhazian media reports the North Korean Chamber of Commerce delegation is in Abkhazia. According to them, the aim of the visit is to develop bilateral trade-economic relations and discuss the export of North Korean products in the region.

De facto President of the Chamber of Commerce of occupied Abkhazia Tamar Mirtskhulava said that the development of the “formal relations between Abkhazia and North Korea began in December 2017, after which the Abkhaz delegation was in North Korea,” where the sides signed an agreement on mutual cooperation in the field of trade.

“This republic is very successfully developing and it fights for the independence just like Abkhazia,” she stated about North Korea.

According to Mirtskhulava, trade turnover already exists between North Korea and de facto Abkhazia, adding more than 250 citizens of North Korea are employed in construction firms in Abkhazia.

The so-called President of the Chamber of Commerce says the day when North Korea “recognizes the independence of Abkhazia” is not far.

"We are deeply convinced that after the trade turnover increases between our states, recognition of the independence of Abkhazia by the People's Democratic Republic of Korea is not a distant step,” she added.

Abkhazian media reports that the President of the North Korea Chamber of Commerce, Ryu Hyun Chor, thanked the de facto Abkhaz Chamber of Commerce for inviting the delegation.

“Many companies are interested in your country, especially construction companies. Some of our companies are interested in various agricultural products as well,” the Abkhaz media quoted the President of the DPRK Chamber of Commerce.

Russian Federation occupied Georgia’s breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia in a wake of the August 2008 war.

In total five countries recognized these territories as independent countries. However, the rest of the international community considers that the two regions as integral parts of Georgia.