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Thursday, December 20
Georgian and Turkish Justice Ministers met in Ankara

The Ministers of Justice of Georgia and Turkey have agreed to create a group to respond to extraditions, children kidnapping and prisoners’ rights protection issues on time.

Georgian Justice Minister, Tea Tsulukiani and Turkish Minister of Justice, Abdulhamit Gul agreed to share the experience of the two countries. The meeting took place on December 19 in Ankara, Turkey.

Tsulukiani noted that Georgia has experience in human rights, combating organized crime, reforming the justice system and that the government of Georgia is willing to share its experience with Turkey and other partner nations.

“Taking everyday regional challenges into account, the creation of an operative group composed of Georgian and Turkish representatives will avoid bureaucratic burden and will ease responses to the issues which concern the rights of Georgian prisoners in Turkish jails, extradition issues, children kidnaping cases, handing over of prisoners and related issues,” Tsulukiani said.

Abdulhamit Gul is a member of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey from Gaziantep. He was previously the General Secretary of the Justice and Development Party.

Georgia’s Ambassador to Iran on number of Iranian citizens refused to enter Georgia

According to the Iranian side, a large number of Iranian citizens have not been allowed to enter Georgia in recent times, but Ioseb Chakhvashvili, Ambassador of Georgia to Iran said that statistics show otherwise.

Ioseb Chakhvashvili stated that there are some problems, including from the Iranian side and these problems are related to the export of narcotic drugs in a large amount from Iran to Georgia.

“We have sent explanations to the Iranian side. There are some problems, including from Iranian side. Narcotic drugs in a large amount have been brought to Georgia. The Iranian side always underlines the following circumstances: Georgia and its border guards have full sovereign rights to act in full compliance with the law. This is Georgia's sovereign right to make a decision on the entry. They ask to be more loyal towards Iranian tourists and especially to Iranian women. There were no other reasons.

The two countries have signed an agreement on the cancellation of visas. Therefore, they can enter Georgia absolutely free and the statistics show it. About 350,000 people arrive from Iran to Georgia," said Chakhvashvili.

He also noted that visited the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Tehran twice related to the recent developments and he had important meetings regarding the bilateral relations as well as the “little misunderstandings” at the border.
(By Mariam Chanishvili)