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Sandra E. Roelofs to run for Zugdidi Mayor

By Messenger Staff
Monday, March 25
In a press conference held by the united opposition, the leader of the party, Grigol Vashadze announced that their candidate for the position of Zugdidi’s Mayor will be Mikheil Saakashvili’s wife, Sandra Roelofs.

“We are still figuring out the way we want to represent our party in interim elections, but this decision was made very easily” said Vashadze.

Roelofs participated in 2016 elections as well, where she represented United National Movement.

After losing in the first round, Roelofs refused to take part in a rerun since she felt that the results were rigged.

United opposition’s candidate noted that she plans to move in Zugdidi, even though she can’t buy a house there because she is afraid “Ivanishvili might take it from me”.

Ex-First Lady believes that the elections will become the start of major changes in the country and she will fight with her team to bring Georgia back to the right track.

“For years, I have thought that I could support people of Georgia without being part of the major politics, but now I think this is the only way” noted Roelofs.

Election Administration of Georgia (CEC) plans to hold Extraordinary Mayoral Elections and Sakrebulo By-Elections on May 19. The announcement was made by Ana Mikeladze, the spokesperson of CEC.

It was also revealed that the elections will be conducted at 31 electoral precincts, where a total of 43 868 voters are registered.