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New fees in Georgian Post

By Nika Gamtsemlidze
Tuesday, March 26
In legislation presented by European Georgia, Giorgi Kandelaki suggests that the limit of 300 GEL for Customs Duty for international parcels should be raised to 500 GEL because of the changes in national currency. Initially, the limit was set as an equivalent of 200 USD, but, as of today, it has become 500 GEL.

The initiative was supported by both Ė the representatives of the opposition and the ruling party. Among them was Roman Kakulia, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee of Branch Economy and Economic Policy.

Although the idea was supported by the Parliament, the Georgian Government is opposed to this proposition, claiming that in most European countries, the limit is as little as 22 euros.

They also noted that itís hard to tell if the purchase was made for personal purposes or for doing business.

The initiation was made last year as well but was turned down by the Parliament.

Georgian Post also set a new regulation regarding the customs control of International Incoming Parcels that went into force on January 3, 2019. The regulation set a fee for receiving such parcels at 2 GEL.

The reason behind this decision was to make customers service better and more sufficient. Representatives of Georgian Post noted that they are trying their best to maintain the low price policy.

While national currency keeps deprecating, new ideas are coming along. Georgian economy has a lot of challenges and the only way to overcome them seems to be keeping having an open mind and the best interest of the people.