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Georgian Finalist for Global Teacher Prize 2019 Congratulates Winner

By Tea Mariamidze
Tuesday, March 26
The Georgian teacher Vladimer Apkhazava, who was the finalist for Global Teacher Prize 2019, congratulated his Kenyan colleague Peter Tabichi on winning the prize.

Apkhazava is a teacher of civic education in the Chibati public school of Lanchkhuti municipality in Georgia and he was named among the top ten teachers of Global Teacher Prize 2019 out of 5,000 applications from 127 countries.

The teacher took to Facebook to congratulate Tabichi on success.

“He is truly a distinguished teacher and personality… I also feel like a winner...I was able to deliver the message of a Georgian teacher to the world. From now on, my life will change to some extent and I will do everything to popularize the teaching profession in Georgia, as well in the whole world,” Apkhazava’s Facebook post reads.

He also thanked his supporters and team for their love and support.

“I would like to thank my supporters. These days I feel great energy from you. The support of all of you was very important for me and my team. This love is the greatest reward for me. We were able to work together and show that teaching is a distinctive profession,” he added.

The awarding ceremony of the Global Teacher Prize 2019 took place in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates on March 24.

Famous actor Hugh Jackman announced the results. The winner will receive $1 million which he will put towards future teaching projects.

Prior to the final ceremony, Apkhazava became Ambassador of the Varkey Foundation, a global charitable foundation focused on improving the standards of education for underprivileged children.

The Global Teacher Prize is an annual event awarding exceptional teachers who make a significant contribution to their profession. The project seeks to acknowledge the impacts of the very best teachers – not only on their students but on the communities around them.

The winner is chosen by the prominent Global Teacher Prize Academy made up of head-teachers, educational experts, commentators, journalists, public officials, tech entrepreneurs, company directors and scientists from around the world.