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Public Speaking Competition

Tuesday, April 2
On 27th of March The English Speaking Union of Georgia held Public Speaking Competition. The winner, Nitsa Siradze, 17, will go to London on 13th of May to take part in the final.

The competition was held in the headquarters of the Bank of Georgia, because Bank of Georgia sponsors this competition and makes it all possible.

ESU is a unique global educational charity that brings together people of different languages and cultures.

One of the most important projects of the ESU is International Public Speaking Competition.

The first competition was held in1981 and included speakers from only 3 countries.

International public Speaking Competition now in its 39th year is the largest public speaking competition in the world. It involves 600 000 students and represents one of the clearest manifestation of the goals of the ESU: promoting friendship and understanding through the English language. It not only gives students an opportunity to develop vital skills that enable them to be confident communicators but through the International final in London students from around the world have the opportunity to meet, form friendships and understanding that lasts a lifetime.

Marina Tsitsishvili set up the English-Speaking Union in Georgia in 1998 and since then for 22 years running it has been holding this competition in Georgia.

ESU-Georgia already managed to send 36 young Georgians to take part in the final in London.

This year’s theme is: “A lie has speed but truth has endurance”.

The competition was judged by His Excellency, the British Ambassador, Mr. Justin Mac Kenzie Smith, Mr. Archil Gachechiladze, Director General of the Bank of Georgia, Marina Tsitsishvili, ESU-Georgia President, Sopo Gorgodze, National Exam Centre Director, Michael Savory, a consultant, Goga Vardeli, a journalist who worked for BBC World Service in the UK.

There were 10 speakers. They were between 16-20 years old. A huge well-done to all of them.

The winners of the competition are: Nitsa Siradze, first Prize, Sopo Bichinashvili, runner up and David Khutsishvili, third prize.