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Thursday, May 2
Ombudsman on Labor Rights

On occasion of International Labor Day, Public Defender of Georgia called on the authorities to take appropriate measures to address problems in the field of labor rights.

In her parliamentary report, the Public Defender indicated systemic violations of labor rights and deficiencies in the Labor Code.

According to her, the practice of enforcement of labor legislation is also problematic and despite a number of legislative guarantees, they are often not realized in practice.

“Due to the lack of appropriate legal guarantees, practical promotion and effective enforcement mechanisms, the rights of workers with disabilities are not properly realized. The statistical data also indicate the inefficiency of employee support mechanisms, according to which, 6073 job seekers with disabilities were registered in the job management information system - in 2018, but only 99 were employed within the framework of employment support programs,” reads the statement by Public Defender.

Group of thematic inquiries to be created on issues of labor safety in Parliament

According to the statement made by the Parliament of Georgia, a group of thematic inquiries will be set up in the Parliament, which will examine the issues of labor safety.

After examining reports presented by various departments with many challenges in this direction, the decision was made during the meeting of the Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee of Parliament of Georgia.

Sopo Kiladze, head of the Georgian Parliament's Human Rights Committee noted that a lot needs to be done in the country in terms of the above-mentioned issue.

Four Independent Unions to form Trade Union

The union of Tbilisi Transport Company Unity 2013, Solidarity Network, Public Broadcasting Professionals Union and Social Workers' Professional Union decided to create an independent trade union.

They organized a briefing on the International Labor Rights Day on May 1 and discussed the union creation.

“We have come together to create a fair social policy for the needs and challenges of each and every employee," said the members of the union.
(By Mariam Chanishvili)