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Lizi Budagashvili's Exhibition 'Poetic Mysteries'

By Mariam Chanishvili
Friday, June 14
Georgian National Museum (GNM) presented the exhibition of Lizi Budagashvili's works - "Poetic Mysteries" at Tbilisi History Museum.

The opening of the exhibition took place on June 11, and it is open to the public until June 19.

The works presented featured in the project are completed by the author within the last year, and most of them are showcased for the general public for the first time.

Lizi Budagashvili, 19, is a young artist who works in three fields: painting, playing and creating music, writing poems and novels. She is the winner of various competitions and festivals. Her work has been exhibited both in Georgia and abroad. She has also published a compilation of her poems and novels, some of which have been translated to Italian and German and can be found in many anthologies.

One can notice that her work includes portraits, self-portraits, abstract compositions with the participation of a human figure, the interior where an artist is interested in getting to know more about the human mind.

Portraits are similar to the author.

“From the very beginning, when I included words and texts into my artwork, I was not sure how well it fits in. But I had a certain feeling, that I freed myself completely,” she noted.

Lately, she has been working on abstract expressionism. Abstract Expressionists emphasize free, spontaneous, and personal emotions and they exercise considerable freedom of technique to reach this goal, with an emphasis laid on the exploitation of the variable physical character of paint to evoke expressive qualities.

The influence of different painters is present in her art, including Jean-Michel Basquiat, Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, etc.