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Georgia to have female lifeguards for the first time

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Friday, June 14
For the first time in Georgia, female lifeguards will patrol on Georgian coasts this season, providing aid to those in need.

At first 20 female students of Batumi Naval Academy have been selected for the role.

However, the academy and the Georgian Interior Ministry vow that the number will increase as other female students have also expressed desire.

The 20 lifeguards, who have already undergone a mandatory training, will appear on the coasts in the coming days when the local government will officially open the sea season.

The Georgian Interior Ministry says that the main obligation of female lifeguards will be patrolling on the coasts and call male lifeguards if necessary.

“The female lifeguards will be tasked to provide the first aid as well. They will have to get involved in the rescue operation when there is the utmost need for this,” the ministry reports.

160 lifeguards are already patrolling on Georgia’s Black Sea coast, and their number will increase to 250 in the coming days when the number of holidaymakers will grow.

All lifeguards have to undergo specialized training and a first aid course per the agreement signed between the Emergency Management Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and Batumi Naval Academy.

All the rescuers will be equipped in line with European standards.