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110 parents charged with violence against minors in 5 months

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Friday, June 14
110 parents have been charged with violence towards their underage children between January and May 2019.

In 95 cases offenders were fathers, in 15 cases-mothers, the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs reported on June 13.

“Abusers, both psychological and physical, were detained in 79 percent of cases,” the ministry stated.

Those who addressed law enforcers regarding the abuse in 62 cases were family members, mother or a grandmother; in 32 cases- victims themselves; in four cases-neighbors; in three cases-other citizens witnessing the abuse; in two cases-emergency brigades; in two other cases- resource officers at schools; in one case an NGO and a social worker.

The ministry says that restraining orders were issued regarding 37 incidents when the rights of minors were ignored.

“In 28 cases such orders were issued against mothers who ignored minors’ rights to have access to food, clothes, hygiene items and other such necessities (when the parent had conditions to provide them). In the remaining seven cases, orders were issued against fathers,” the ministry says.

The ministry states that people are more open to reporting abuse.

The ministry reported in February this year that 116 individuals were charged in 2018 for various offences committed against minors.

Four were detained for rape.

Two for committing sexual offences other than rape.

24 for indecency to minors.

86 for consensual sexual relationship with those under 16.