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The Czech Republic is interested in advancing economic ties with Georgia

By Tea Mariamidze
Thursday, July 11
The Czech Republic is interested in strengthening economic cooperation with Georgia, including fields of trade and investment.

The statement was made by the Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic Tomas Petricek after meeting his Georgian counterpart, David Zalkaliani on July 10.

“There is a huge potential for developing bilateral trade and increasing volume of investments. I am glad that 5% of foreign direct investment in Georgia comes from the Czech Republic,” he said.

He said that the Czech Republic is ready to share with Georgia the experience it has in transport, environmental protection and agriculture.

“The Czech Republic is trying to help Georgia to achieve more progress in the modernization of the country,” he added.

Tomas Petricek also noted that his country supports Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations.

“Our countries have excellent relationships in both bilateral and international formats. We do not have any uncertain issues between us but intensive contacts. Frequent bilateral visits confirm this. The Czech Republic supports Georgia’s efforts on the way of its European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations,” he added.

According to him, the recent developments in Georgia’s breakaway Abkhazia and South Ossetia were also discussed at the meeting, and the sides talked about the need to confront the Russian propaganda.

“We consider Abkhazia and South Ossetia as integral parts of Georgia. We are concerned about the violation of human rights there carried out by de facto authorities and their Russian patrons. We declare support to the peace initiatives and programs, implemented by the Government of Georgia. We believe that this is the right direction,” he said.

The Czech minister said Georgia has all the practical mechanisms needed to prepare for NATO membership. He also highly appraised participation of Georgian soldiers in international peacekeeping missions.

“We appreciate the fact that your soldiers are in Afghanistan in support of our soldiers, as well as they ensure stability in the Republic of Mali, where there is such a need,” he said.

In response to the supportive statements made by Tomas Petricek, Georgia’s Zalkaliani said the country appreciates the position of the Czech Republic towards Georgia.

“We value the Czech Republic’s support for Georgia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, our European and Euro-Atlantic course. We do not have any problem in our bilateral relations. I am convinced that the solid political relationships that we have will bring tangible results to the economic direction as well,” he noted.

Georgian Minister said the number of tourists from the Czech Republic in Georgia is very positive and dynamic, which contributes to the historical friendly relations that have existed between countries for a long time.

Czech minister arrived in Georgia to take part in an international conference dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Eastern Partnership. The event will take place in Batumi, on July 11-12.