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After the events surrounding Rustavi 2, creation of numerous TV channels announced

By Nika Gamtsemlidze
Wednesday, July 31
Nika Gvaramia, ex-director of Rustavi 2 wrote on his Facebook page that he and his colleagues are planning to establish a new and democratic TV channel.

“I think that this is the biggest challenge of my life – I am the crisis manager, I don’t like routine, and I have never tried to build from zero. I can give a new life to old companies, but I have never established my own. For this purpose, I know exactly whose help I need. My ambition is to do best, and for this, I need the best people,” wrote Gvaramia on his Facebook page.

He also noted that he was thinking about leaving the country, but in the end, he changed his mind. Gvaramia also plans to start a campaign to support his new channel. “I have no doubt that very soon the new television will become the main channel of the country and I am extremely optimistic about it, but before that, we need the support of those who stand by our work,” noted Gvaramia.

According to Nodar Meladze, head of Rustavi 2 news service, a new channel will enter the media market in addition to Nika Gvaramia’s television. He said about this in an interview with TV 1.

He noted that the appearance of new players in the media market is “a very good thing,” as he believes that competition is a prerequisite for media pluralism. “Of course, there will always be a demand on Rustavi 2 team, because this team creates the most popular shows on the market,” said Meladze. He also noted that the more channels available on the market, the more difficult it is for the government to silence the media.

According to the media outlet, Netgazeti, in addition to Nika Gvaramia, Formula Creative also plans to establish a new channel which has nothing to do with the one Gvaramia plans to create. According to their information, the channel will mostly focus on news and political content shows.

The director of Formula Creative, Misha Mshvildadze, says that “I neither deny nor confirm” the information regarding the new channel.

Formula Creative is best known for creating one of the most popular Georgian TV shows of all times, “My Wife’s Girlfriends.” The company was created in 2007 and since then have created many popular projects, including Channel 3. They also own part of online media outlet,

Following the decision made by the European Court of Human Rights, Kibar Khalvashi became the owner of Rustavi 2; he appointed Paata Salia as the new director of the company. After the decisions, employees of Rustavi 2 openly say that the government is trying to change the editorial policy of the channel and the re-launch of the company in one proves this.