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Several media outlets report on upcoming changes in Georgian Government

By Nika Gamtsemlidze
Monday, September 2
For the last few days, several Georgian media outlets reported on the upcoming changes in the Government of Georgia. TV Pirveli has been reporting that the Prime Minister of Georgia, Mamuka Bakhtadze would be replaced by the current Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia, Giorgi Gakharia. While the former Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili would be appointed as the Minister of Internal affairs.

A few weeks ago, the PM Bakhtadze was asked about the upcoming changes.

I was, am and will always be a member of the Georgian Dream. When it comes to changes, we are a united team and it is just a living process. We have a program that has been submitted to Parliament and will be updated, depending on the team. We are only focused on results.

InterPressNews also reports about the expected staff changes in the government, their information also says that the new Prime Minister will be Giorgi Gakahria and Garibashvili will be appointed as an Interior Minister.

The member of the ruling party, Tamar Khulordava did not deny the information about the changes in the government.

"Tomorrow there is a very important session scheduled. Tomorrow we will have to reflect on some issues and then comment on exactly what kind of changes are planned, noted Khulordava on August 31.

Rati Ionatamishvili, a member of the same party, says that speaking in advance in politics is irresponsible.

"Most of the consultations are going on permanently within the team. First of all, these consultations are mostly about the new session starting next week," noted Ionatamishvili in his interview with the TV Pirveli.

As IPN reports, the decision to appoint Gakharia as a Prime Minister has already been made and the ruling team will officially announce the changes in the government this week.

On September 1, the Georgian Dream met in the majority format. The meeting was held two days before the opening of the fall season. According to MP Nino Goguadze, the majority would discuss the issues to be discussed at the autumn session.

As David Matiikashvili, MP of Georgian Dream told TV Pirveli, there was no discussion of government changes in the ruling team. However, the information on changes in the government has been in circulation in media outlets for last month.

One of the main topics to be discussed at the Fall Session will be the constitutional amendments, which envisage holding the 2020 parliamentary elections by a proportional system. During the sessions, Parliament will also elect the judges of the Supreme Court.

In addition, the agenda of the session of the Parliament will include hearing the reports of the activities of the State Audit Office and the Public Defender, which should have happened during the Spring Session but was postponed.

As for the Prime Minister's report removed from the spring session agenda, it is likely that Mamuka Bakhtadze will not be listened to by the parliament, as according to several sources, he will be replaced by Gakharia.

The agenda of the plenary sessions of the first week of the fall session will be set by the Bureau of Parliament on September 2.