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Monday, September 9
By Nika Gamtsemlidze

David Kramer: The Georgian authorities should focus more on borderisation

According to David Kramer, a former diplomat and senior researcher at the International University of Florida, the Georgian authorities should focus more on borderisation. Kramer talked about it in an interview with the Georgian Service of Voice of America.

Kramer pointed out that the Kremlin is trying to demonstrate that it has power, and can invade Georgia wherever it wants.

"This shows that Russian leaders believe that they can cause turmoil in neighboring countries and cross borders without paying anything back. In this case, when it comes to Georgia, they are right. Putin does not respect the borders of neighboring countries, their sovereignty, and territorial integrity. He wants to see how these countries fail on their path of democracy, how they fail when they look for the alternatives of the authoritarian systems he has ruled for 20 years, noted Kramer.

According to him, if the international community is not ready to come to defend Georgia - which is unlikely - then Tbilisi must do its best to use this bad and difficult situation for its interests.

Flights in seven new directions to be carried out from Kutaisi Airport

From September 10, the regular flights in seven new directions will be carried out from Kutaisi Davit Aghmashenebeli International Airport: Brussels, Copenhagen, Basel, Eindhoven, Tallinn, Bari, and Poznan. Flights will be carried out by low-cost airline company, Wizz Air.

Wizz Air Company started operating in Georgia in 2012. In September 2016, the first base of Wizz Air in the region was opened at Kutaisi International Airport. In May 2017, the second based aircraft of Wizz Air and five European destinations were added. In 2018, the air company transported 95 percent of passengers of Kutaisi International Airport (587,643 passengers).

The airline was established in September 2003.