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Cartu invest $1 billion in Kutaisi International University

By Natalia Kochiashvili
Friday, September 20
Representatives of Cartu Foundation, established by former PM and chairman of the ruling – Georgia Dream (GD), Bidzina Ivanishvili, held a presentation of the educational space of Kutaisi International University on September 18.

As the premier advisor in the field of education, Professor Mikheil Chkhenkeli said, the foundation of the world-famous university was being celebrated on September 18.

“This is a truly European-standard university and a great gift for the country. We have been working with the Technical University of Munich since its inception, and academic programs have been created on its base. Next year, the university will receive students, professors will be invited from different European countries, as well as from the US and Japan. They will deliver lectures both in the auditorium and online. This means the involvement of Georgian professors from abroad.

We would also like to inform you that the Honorable President of the University of Kutaisi will be a world-renowned scientist, President of the Technical University of Munich Wolfgang Herrmann, ” - said Chkhenkeli.

The new educational presentation space: Chairman of the Board of the Fund Cartu -Niko Chkhetiani, Professor Alexander Tevzadze, as well as Munich Technical University president, Director of “Julich” Research Center for Neuroscience and Institute of Medicine, Professor, IBA Group Peace Executive Vice-President, executive and legislative authorities, international organizations and diplomatic corps.

Construction of the Kutaisi University of Technology started in November 2017. The university complex will be built on 140 hectares. The project budget, together with the Tbilisi Technology Center, is ˆ 1 billion and is fully funded by the Cartu Foundation. The first phase of construction is coming to an end by September 2020.

The 1st state university being built in Georgia since the country restored its independence in 1991, will receive the first wave of students in September 2020. Students will be able to select educational programmes in mathematics, computer science, and management.

Bidzina Ivanishvili released a statement regarding Kutaisi International University. His announcement was posted on the GD’s Facebook page.

According to Ivanishvili, the Cartu Foundation will remain only a private funder and not a proprietor of a university complex that will not be owned by anyone but a state university and the entire country. In his statement, Ivanishvili wrote, that for a country like Georgia, development strategy should be based on education. According to him 11 years ago, he and his family started thinking and dreaming about creating a modern and powerful technological education hub in Georgia that would break into the Georgian educational and scientific space.

Ivanishvili announced, that today we need not just another university, but a place of higher education where the quality of education will be in line with international standards and recognized worldwide.

“We can say that we will have an international university in Kutaisi, whose management system, educational directions, selection of researchers and lecturers will be in full compliance with the management system of the Technological University of Munich, with which Kutaisi International University has been cooperating since 2017.” – read the statement.

It was also noted, that Kutaisi International University works closely with leading educational and scientific centers around the world, such as the Iulich Research Center, the University of Aachen and the University of Rennes.

Ivanishvili also wrote about projects of Cartu Foundation: first phase - modern therapy center with cyclotron type accelerator, for both scientific research and medical use in Kutaisi; the second phase - clusters of modern scientific institutes equipped with modern laboratories in Tbilisi, particularly in Digomi.

“Thus, the Kutaisi University Complex comprises the EU-based international research technology center and the International Health Center, which today have no analog in Georgia and are the first step in this direction.” – wrote Ivanishvili.

In the letter, he also emphasized that Georgian and foreign academic staff will work at Kutaisi International University, and the criteria for selection of academic and administrative staff will be fully defined according to the requirements of the Munich University of Technology.

Ivanishvili also pointed out the main goal for building this university that is creating the place and condition for talented young where these talents and abilities will be realized.