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UNICEF welcomes adoption of Child Rights’ Code by Georgian Parliament

By Tea Mariamidze
Monday, September 23
The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) welcomes the adoption of the Code on the Rights of the Children by the Parliament of Georgia, which was developed by the Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee of the Parliament with the technical support of UNICEF Georgia.

The organization says that the adoption of the code is a groundbreaking achievement, adding it will have a long-lasting effect on the lives of children in Georgia.

“The Child Rights’ Code reinforces the state system that ensures the welfare and protection of every child. The Code is an umbrella document, a special law which unites all main principles that are crucial for a child’s wellbeing. It will guide all state agencies, local governments, other administrative bodies, the common courts, public and private organizations, and individuals when working with and making decisions about children,” UNICEF stated.

It also noted that the Code creates greater guarantees to promote and ensure the participation of children in the decision making on all matters that concern them.

“All the existing laws and policies will have to come into compliance with this document and relevant implementation mechanisms will have to be created and improved,” it said.

Ghassan Khalil, UNICEF Representative in Georgia, said that the adoption of the Child Rights’ Code is an important landmark for every child in Georgia, and this step is a historic development for Georgia.

“The Code is a critical instrument to provide every right for every child. It embraces main principles that will guide the wellbeing of children for many years and will make significant changes in children’s lives. We commend the efforts of the Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee and appreciate the leadership of its Chairperson, in the adoption of this important law,” Ghassan Khalil said.

The UNICEF Representative said the organization will continue to support the Parliament in raising awareness of the Code and will assist the Georgian authorities in implementing the Code.

Sopho Kiladze, Chairman of the Committee on Human Rights and Civil Integration noted that the adoption of the Code is crucial for the well-being of the Georgian children and their development.

“I am deeply convinced that this Code will protect our children, strengthen families and give children a better education. In the long run, I am convinced that this code will take many children out of poverty and from the swamp of violence as well. I am confident that together we will give our children a bright and good future,” she said after the adoption of the code.

The Code on the Rights of the Children will become fully effective on June 1, 2020. Prior to this, various state agencies are required to develop a number of legal regulations, projects, and technical standards.

Before the full implementation of the Code, the Parliament of Georgia undertakes the responsibility to elaborate and approve the implementation plan of the Code before November 1, 2019.