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Interactive educational exhibition at Goethe Institute Georgia

By Mariam Chanishvili
Tuesday, November 5
Germany has created a Diesel engine, Bunsen burner, the electron microscope, printing press, tape recorder, MP3 audio format, and other notable inventions.

Currently, Germany ranks among the top 3 nations in patent applications and registers a steady increase in employees in science and research.

In cooperation with the Max Planck and Fraunhofer Institute, the Goethe-Institut is devoting its exhibition to the country of invention Germany. The exhibition will be on display in Georgia in November and December 2019 and will be exhibited in two venues including Tbilisi (31.10.2019 - 27.11.2019) and Kutaisi (30.11.2019 - 26.12.2019).

The exhibition focuses on world-changing German inventions from the natural-scientific disciplines. The focus is on both historical discoveries and other innovations. It is especially attractive to those who are interested in studying or researching in Germany.

The target group of the exhibition is schoolchildren and students of 15-25 years. At the exhibition, they will have the opportunity to learn interesting information focusing on different scientific fields: informatics, energy, mobility, communication, medicine, optics, and materials.

The exhibition is available for everyone and it's free of charge. The textual side of the exhibition is bilingual. Viewers can read the material in German and Georgian.

Interactive exhibition tours for school classes are possible every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after 14:00. Registration for guided tours is required. The workshop for German teachers took place on November 2, where the participants of the workshop, used the didactic materials through which they can prepare the class or students for the exhibition.

The workshop for children will take place on November 10 and DAAD information event "Studium in Deutschland” will take place on November 12.