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Weapon-related changes discussed at Sector Economy and Economic Policy Committee sitting

By Nika Gamtsemlidze
Tuesday, November 5
At yesterday’s sitting of the Sector Economy and Economic Policy Committee, the bill on Weapon introduced with the 1st reading by the Director of the Legal Department of the Interior Ministry, Alexander Darakhvelidze, was discussed.

The changes aim at the regulation of weapon-related issues to ensure the protection of public safety and order.

“The changes envisage restriction of issue of the melee weapon to the juveniles and convicts. The current law allows every person to at place acquire the melee weapon even without a definition of the categories and places of sale, so often the melee appears in the hands of the juvenile which may bring to the fatalities,” noted the reporter.

The changes introduce the administrative and criminal responsibility for the offenders and the regulations for the sellers of the melee weapon. The MIA acquires the authority to, within the entrepreneurial activity, monitor circulation of the melee weapon and undertake respective remedies in case of violation. The bill also ensures stricter penalties within the Administrative Code.

According to the current law, if the person suffers the mental aid, the license for firearm storage shall be terminated, though this information is rarely submitted to the Interior Ministry as the current law envisages that if the person refuses to issue the private information, only judicial way allows inquiry of information and hence, the Ministry fails to receive respective information, while the changes guarantee authority of the Ministry within the respective scope to receive information about mental disease of the person in view of enforcement of the law.

According to the Chairperson of the committee, Roman Kakulia, cooperation with media regarding the novelties of the bill is necessary for the provision of the society with information.

The Committee approved the bill and discussed the bill on Energy and Water Supply. Kakhaber Kucahva, Revaz Arveladze, Endzela Machavariani and Roman Kakulia expressed their remarks and then the Committee approved the bill.

With the second reading, the Committee approved the bill on Encouragement of Use and Production of Energy from Renewable Sources introduced by the Deputy Economic Minister, David Tvalabeishvili.

The Head of the Reporting and Audit Supervision Service, Iuri Dolidze introduced the bill on Bookkeeping Accounting, Reporting and Audit, which was also approved.