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Kaladze says the opposition parties are having a political crisis

By Inga Kakulia
Wednesday, November 27
Kaladze evaluated the opposition parties "that are carrying out destructive actions," to be facing a political crisis. According to Kaladze, unlike the current opposition, the Georgian Dream will always be constructive whether they stay in power or move to the opposition.

According to Tbilisi Mayor, there were and still are differences of opinion in the ruling team regarding the election system. Specifically, some MPs support the proportional electoral system, a few support the current mixed electoral system, and others demand the transition to a majoritarian system.

However, the secretary-general of the ruling party says there are differences of opinion in the society as well. The mayor added that there is a lack of people at the rallies is because "other problems for citizens are more important than the electoral system."

Kaladze also made comments about “letting” the smaller parties win in the majoritarian constituencies which have caused backlashes. As Kaladze explained later, this was aimed at “strengthening small and new parties.”