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Wednesday, November 27
By Liza Mchedlidze

President Salome Zourabichvili finalizes decreases number of pardons

According to the Administration of the President of Georgia, the work on a new pardon procedure has been completed. According to the statement, the number of pardons will be significantly reduced by the new criteria.

According to the administration, the new rules set out criteria for pardoning convicts for serious and particularly grave crimes, simplifying the terms of dealing with convicts for less serious offenses.

The President will use power in special cases, which would significantly reduce the number of pardons.

According to them, before making a final decision on the pardon, the President will once again consult with relevant state agencies and field experts on each case. By January 1, 2021, a special electronic program for pardon proceedings will be introduced by the administration. Pardon cases will begin as soon as the new pardon rules are published.

The case of the Pardon system came to the public's attention after numerous cases of President Zourabichvili pardoning criminals charged with the murders and caused many questions about the transparency of the president's pardon system. After being publicly confronted, Zourabishvili stated that nobody has a right to question the president's decision of pardoning. Later, the Prosecutor’s office started the investigation regarding the issue.

Archil Talakvadze calls on the opposition to return to parliamentary format

Parliament Chairperson Archil Talakvadze calls on the opposition to return to the parliamentary format.

As he said at the bureau sitting, there are formats and readiness to express an opinion in Parliament.

"I want to appeal to the parliamentary opposition to return to the normal political process, to return to parliamentary meetings and say what they have to say, in any political format, whether it be plenary or committee discussions, may they present and contradict them to other arguments,” said Talakvadze.

He also noted the parliament will continue its work to make very important decisions.

Kaladze says it is a ‘violation’ to block the road for small number of protesters

Secretary-General of the ruling party ‘Georgian Dream’ Kakha Kaladze told reporters that the blockade of the road for such a small number of protesters is a ‘violation’. He also said that blocking the entrance of the supreme legislative body is a ‘crime’, it is beyond the law and this violation has been followed by a logical ‘corresponding’ action from law enforcement towards the protesters.

According to Kakha Kaladze, nobody can restrict one’s rights and it is one of the most important achievements of the ‘Georgian Dream’ since 2012.

“Anyone in the country, no matter how critical they may be, have the opportunity to express their views on this or that issue in a peaceful way, through legality. If they do not follow the law's framework, this will be followed by a response. Before responding to the blockade, these people were instructed to move their belongings. They had taken their belongings to several streets but there was one specific street, where they did not receive this appeal,” said Kaladze.

According to him, the parliament will continue to work and no one will be allowed to block it.

“The electoral system in 2012 was the same as today, and blaming the election system for winning or losing is wrong. Wait for the elections and through elections, the population will decide which political party to see in parliament” he said.