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Friday, December 13
By Liza Mchedlidze

‘It’s a Shame’ movement spills toxic smelling liquid in Parliament

Parliament planned to elect termless judges and to suspend Nika Melia from MP status on December 12 at the plenary sitting, but civil movement It’s a Shame created a protest-performance at the sitting “to demonstrate that the system stinks” and spilled liquid, which is proven to be harmless. The plenary sitting was postponed and but continued later. Even though ‘the movement takes a responsibility for the act, the ruling party members state that European Georgia leaders Irma Nadirashvili and Lela Keburia brought the liquid into the Parliament.

Irma Nadirashvili states that she does not take responsibility for the action which created a chaos in Parliament and thinks that these allegations are ‘awkward and irresponsible’ and cleared the allegations made against her:

“Today I was at the committee meeting and at the sitting room. I went to find out whether independent MP’s were voting or not. I went into the plenary sitting, I asked Nato Chkheidze about it, stayed there for about 30 seconds and then left.”

“A veterinary antiseptic liquid used during the protest today is completely harmless, safe, non-allergic and has no side effects. The substance was tested prior to public use in emergency circumstances,” reads the statement released by ‘It’s a Shame’.

Despite the statement regarding the liquid, four MPs called emergency number after “feeling sick from the smell.”

The Chair of the Parliament Archil Talakvadze assesses the performance as “Chemical Attack” on the Parliament and stated that the harmless protest will have the judicial consequences for the movement, which came to reality and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia is now investigating the matter as Intentional Serious injury to health, which is punishable for at least three years of imprisonment under the Criminal Code Article 117 of the Constitution of Georgia.

Eka Beselia leaves the Law Committee

MP Eka Beselia leaves the law committee amid the termless election of 14 judges.

According to Beselia, the law committee has become a ‘clan’ and she referred to the chair of the committee as the ‘Clan’s servant.’

She congratulated ‘Georgian Dream’ on ‘voting for violent past.’ Beselia referred to the aforementioned changes as ‘great moral loss’ for the ruling party.