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Wednesday, December 25
By Liza Mchedlidze

15-year-old Luka Siradze’s Brother holds press briefing

Beka Siradze, brother of 15-year-old who died on December 17, several days after his police-driven attempted suicide, held press briefing and discussed details regarding the interrogation of his late younger brother.

According to Siradze, investigator Mariana Choloian and three other police officers were psychologically abusing and threatening him with jailing the teenager and creating problems for his older. The interrogation took place on December 11 in Digomi District Police Station. He said that questioning started with the aggressive background and Choloian interrogated the child as a ‘criminal.’

“The interrogation lasted for 4 hours and my brother did not confess to crime and policemen were quite tense. He was answering their questions quite loudly and they kept threatening him. My mother tried to calm him down and one of the policemen who was there was cursing at my brother in front of our mother. 2-3 minutes later another policeman told him to follow him into and office. My brother left the office crying, asking for an ambulance but the investigator told him they would call the emergency when they feel like doing it. My brother started confessing to crime several minutes after the talk in the office.”

Allegedly, when the mother started asking questions about what happened in the office, the 15-year-old told her that they were threatening him with pre-detention and he started confessing right after the talk with the policeman.

Beka Siradze said that the Green School immediately called the Police before calling the parent. The mother went straight to the police station in Digomi where they were told that they had a videotape with 15-year-old in it and refused to show it.

“Mother asked them to let her see the video footage and promised that if she recognized her son, she would without a problem pay for the damage.”

During the briefing, Beka Siradze stated that the family demands detention of every person involved in the process of interrogation and persons who were in contact with his younger brother at the police station.

Lawyer Mariam Kublashvili fined for publicizing victim’s personal information

State Inspector Service has fined lawyer Mariam Kublashvili- attorney of Tbilisi City Assembly MP Ilia Jishkariani, who was accused of sexual and physical abuse against Tatia Todadze. Kubalshvili was fined for publicizing victim Tatia Todadze’s personal information.

According to State Inspector Service, they fined the lawyer 1000 GEL with the administrative fine under Article 45 of the Law on Personal Data Protection.

The information delivered by the Public Inspector reads that the liability of publicizing one’s victim status was researched. The case found that the lawyer was not eligible to make the victim’s sensitive information public.