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Legal issues committee discusses points of order

Monday, February 3
The Committee reviewed the documents submitted in relation with election of the candidate Tea Cheishvili to the vacant position of the Member of the Prosecutor’s Board announced on January 10, 2020. The Committee determined that the documents submitted are in full compliance with the requirements of Article 207 of the Rules of Procedure.

Pursuant to paragraph 6, Article 206 of the Rules of Procedure, the Parliament may elect the Georgian citizen as the Member of the Prosecutor’s Board with higher legal education and holding the Master’s or equalized academic degree/higher education diploma, at least of 5 years of experience in relative field, high reputation and recognition as a law specialist.

The candidacy of Tea Cheishvili was nominated by the Bar Association. The Committee’s conclusion shall be submitted to the Bureau and forwarded to the Factions.

“The Committee is assigned to study the documents solely and to determine whether the candidate is eligible for the process. Pursuant to the Rules of Procedure, the interview with the candidate by the Committee is not envisaged. If the Factions deem necessary to summon the candidate for the interview, then it shall be held in the Factions”, - the Chair, Anri Okhanashvili noted.

The Committee discussed the set-up of the Working Group on Compliance of 6 candidates for the Supreme Court Judges nominated to the Parliament on December 30, 2019, with the Constitution and other applicable laws.

“Since we receive the documents about the candidates from the Bureau, pursuant to the Rules of Procedure, we shall set up the working group to verify the documents only in procedural terms. So, to avoid a breach of this requirement, we need to set up the working group and the discussions on hearing of the candidates within this Term go beyond the Committee competence. Our team members expressed the position in this regard that this Term will not elect the Judges in the remaining period, but we are to hold the additional consultations with all the parties to ensure transparency of the process and eliminate the questions”, - he added.

He offered to the Working Group on the Candidate for Supreme Court Judge, Vasil Roinishvili nominated to the Parliament on December 12, 2019, to also study these 6 candidates nominated on December 30.

“It is not expedient to set up two working groups and thus, as the working group set up in December is not fully composed yet, it will be assigned to also study and verify those 6 candidates. I also address the Majority and the opposition Factions to nominate the candidates within a week for completion of the group”.