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Economy Minister presents new head of United Airports of Georgia

By Nika Gamtsemlidze
Monday, February 3
Natia Turnava, the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, presented Tamar Archvadze as the new head of United Airports of Georgia.

According to Natia Turnava, Archuadze has extensive experience working in the aviation sector and has been working as a curator in this field for many years.

“I would like to introduce Tamar Archuadze, the new head of the United Airports of Georgia - a very experienced and young professional who is well known in the field. Until now, Tamar has held the position of deputy chief at the Civil Aviation Agency, and from today on she will start managing airport unions with renewed energy. Together we will more and more effectively develop our airport infrastructure,” said Turnava.

Turnava said the first thing that the new head was instructed to do was to inspect the Tbilisi International Airport.

“As you may remember, a few months ago I was already at the Tbilisi International Airport and I provided a few objections to the airport management company. TAV Georgia took note of our remarks about renovating toilets, adjusting the interiors, furniture and I hope the process progresses faster. Of course, we will not stop paying attention to the process, but it is not the only task,” Turnava added.

According to the Minister of Economy, it is a more important and complex task to complete the expansion of Kutaisi International Airport in a timely manner.

According to her, in autumn the country will have a new terminal at Kutaisi International Airport, which will increase the capacity four times. At the moment, the Kutaisi airport serves relatively low budget airlines and allows tourists as well as citizens of Georgia to travel at reasonable prices.

“In addition, first of all, it is my task to be more open to new airlines and new destinations and to reinforce open-air policies and principles to serve our guests and our citizens more comfortably and better,” stressed the Minister of Economy.

For her part, as the new head of United Airports of Georgia Tamar Archuadze noted, she is pleased to be joining a team of experienced professionals.

“I want to add to this team the experience and skills I have gained through working in the aviation sector over the past 20 years. Our main task will be to be passenger-oriented, improve our services and be the best in the region,” noted Archuadze.

United Airports of Georgia LLC is a 100% state-owned enterprise. As the airport’s authority of the state, UAG owns all airports in the country, including three international and one domestic airport at the moment. All those airport terminals have been fully rebuilt and all airport infrastructure has been modernized during the last 8 years.

Tbilisi International Airport New Terminal opened in February of 2007. The airport is operated by the TAV Airports Holding Co.

Batumi International Airport started operation in May of 2007. The airport is operated by TAV Airports Holding Co.

Mestia Airport (Queen Tamar Airport) was officially opened in December 2010 to support mountain regions of Georgia and facilitate tourism development. The airport is operated by UAG.

Kutaisi David The Builder International Airport was opened in September 2012. Kutaisi Airport is the first low-cost airport in the whole region and is focused to attract low-cost carriers and facilitate tourism development in the country. Kutaisi Airport is also operated by UAG.