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By Salome Lomitashvili
Friday, February 14
How many female winemakers do you know?

In its new series of wine tasting events, held every Saturday at 6 Ekerle II street, G.vino will introduce successful modern Georgian female winemakers to you. They produce wine in the ancient Georgian traditional method, in Kvevri.

At G.Vino’s dialogic and informative wine tasting evenings, questions are welcome. The representatives will answer any question related to winemaking technology and the field. The pleasant atmosphere is accompanied by 5-6 types of organic wine and Georgian appetizers.

Famous master of Wine Lisa Granik also attended the evening last Saturday. She is currently writing a book on the wines of Georgia (Sakartvelo).

Last week, the evening’s main hosts were two young aspiring women- Tamuna and Keti, who are fully involved in both wine production and export and make the limited number (5,000 bottles) of quality wine a year.

The Messenger wishes the young winemakers good luck.