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Coffee Production Plant Meama Opened in Tbilisi

By Mariam Chanishvili
Monday, February 17
A high-tech coffee plant Meama is the first factory in the world producing the coffee capsules of both European and American standards. It is the largest coffee capsule making Company in Georgia. The company produces various sizes of coffee capsules, roasted beans and ultra-fine ground coffee.

Construction of the Meama plant started in 2017. The factory area includes 17.000 square meters and is distinguished with its eye-catching and impressive architecture. The project has attracted a lot of interest from the very beginning and won the international competition in 2019.

“From the highway, the building is a homogeneous concrete folded volume with no visible openings that would define its programs, on the backside it opens up towards the pine forest. From above, it blends into surroundings by a vast green roof, where occasional openings in forms of atriums, terraces and skylights bring natural light indoors. This reduces the impact of a large building footprint visible from the planes taking off and landing next to the site,” reads about Meama, a weblog covering architectural news, projects, products, events, interviews and competitions.

Designed by Georgian architecture firm Khmaladze Architects, the project also contains green atriums and ceiling windows. The green roof acts as an additional thermal barrier to the roof insulation. The roof is intended to grow vegetation found around the site with wild grasses and plants, to blend with the context and require less maintenance.

Currently, they have 15 different blends of coffee, including 2 non-caffeine. The core concept of a brand is the ideal match of a product and service.

The Meama staff noted that they offer their customers innovative and different experiences. The goal is to make the process of making quality coffee more enjoyable and accessible. They noted that as an initial step, they created 15 different blends; therefore, anyone who wishes can easily find their own taste.

“Meama created a new, unique delivery service called Dropper. The device is equipped with a QR system for which a special application was developed. The entire process simplifies a coffee delivery service to the customers.

Meama's branded store will soon open at City Mall. The online store - will also be launched too. Their coffee capsules are now being sold on the hotline (0322 80 08 08; * 0808) and through the shopping mall stands.