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More than 250 cases of Coronavirus in Georgia with 63 recovered

By Nika Gamtsemlidze
Monday, April 13
Over the weekend, the number of people infected by the novel coronavirus has amounted to as much as 252 in Georgia. Officials state that in a few cases the source is unclear, meaning that the virus is already spreading from person to person.

According to Marina Ezugbaia, Medical Director of the Tbilisi Infectious Diseases Hospital, the statistics have increased, although this is a moderate and controlled number of cases. In Kobuleti municipality, several administrative units are subject to strict quarantine restrictions. Adviser to the Prime Minister of Georgia, Spokesman Irakli Chikovani stated at a special briefing.

He said a special regime is being introduced in Gvara, Mukhaestate, Leghva and Tskavruka, and strict quarantine restrictions are in place.

In addition to the restrictions imposed by the state of emergency, entry and exit are prohibited in these administrative units. The implementation of this regime on the ground is ensured by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Defense Forces.

Citizens will be able to leave the house only if they need to buy a product or medicine or receive medical care. They will be able to continue their agricultural activities if they follow the protocol created for such cases.

He said that the health services have started to investigate all possible contacts related to the so-called Kobuleti cluster. Doctors and epidemiologists have started thermo-screening the citizens on the spot, as a result of which, all the residents in this administrative unit should be checked.

At the time of writing, 63 people have recovered from the Coronavirus. Among the recovered are critical patients as well.

According to Ratiani, an 80-year-old woman in their clinic was cured after 18 days of treatment. He said that according to the protocol, they received a negative response to the infection twice. The patient will be transferred to the therapy department and will probably be discharged from the clinic on Monday, April 13th:

“An 80-year-old woman who was transferred to our clinic 18 days ago, was on artificial lung ventilation. She had acute lung injury syndrome, heart damage syndrome, acute kidney injury syndrome,” added Ratiani.

Ratiani added that a 79-year-old man has also recovered from the Coronavirus. “The 79-year-old man was diagnosed with bilateral acute pneumonia, acute respiratory distress, the patient's condition is now stable, the lung damage has been corrected; he will leave the clinic in a few hours,” Ratiani told reporters.

The number of people infected by the virus around the world as of now is more than 1 million.

The most cases of the virus were reported in the US, where the number of reported cases has already surpassed half a million. In Europe, Spain and Italy have reported the most Coronavirus cases.