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Monday, April 27
By The Messenger Staff

Georgia is in the middle of Covid-19 peak, Paata Imnadze says

Deputy director of the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health Paata Imnadze stated at the briefing that Georgia has reached a peak which was predicted by health officials. He also ironically apologized to everyone who got ‘disappointed’ with the fewer new cases of Covid-19.

“We have been predicting that the end of April and the early May would be a peak based on all calculations.”

We are in the middle of the peak and our mission is to hold onto the plateau.”

According to the latest update, 488 people have been infected with the Coronavirus in Georgia, 136 of them have recovered and 6 have died. 4,928 people are in quarantine.

Strict quarantine has been announced in the Tetritskaro Municipality

Strict quarantine restrictions have been imposed in Tetritskaro municipality due to high epidemiological risks after the nurse at the local hospital tested positive for Covid-19.

Quarantine has also been announced at a Tetritskaro Hospital. Kvemo Kartli state representative Shota Rekhviashvili told reporters that a large-scale preventive measure was taken with a group of epidemiologists arriving in the municipality, the contacts of the infected are being analyzed.

Control checkpoints have been set up at the entrances and exits of the district center and representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Defense have been mobilized. The strict quarantine restricts the free movement of citizens.

There are currently 9 Covid-19 patients in the Tetritskaro Municipality.