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Georgian Association of Human Reproduction and Embryology releases a statement

By Anastasia Sokhadze
Friday, August 28
As it is mentioned in the statement, “the order of the Minister of Justice of Georgia ¹ 598, paragraph 19, sub-paragraph “a” of the new wording was misinterpreted.

The Georgian Association of Human Reproduction and Embryology states that Article 19 of the same order has been misinterpreted in the new wording of subparagraph "a" of the first paragraph, and the amendment to this order does not mean restricting in vitro fertilization treatment for infertile couples and single women.

In particular, this edition provides for certain regulations regarding surrogacy programs, however, due to the fact that the order was prepared without the involvement of experts in the field, the relevant terminology was misused, which led to the content error.

According to them, the Board of Directors of the Association tries to interpret the order correctly and change it if necessary.

As soon as the order comes into force, the Board of Directors of the Association actively tries to interpret the order in the correct version of the order in close communication with the relevant government structures and make changes as needed to provide correct information to the population and avoid negative feedback.

"Our goal is to organize a meeting with the government structures in an expedited manner, in order to jointly regulate the issues related to the reproductive field in the mode of constructive discussion," – said the association in a statement.

For reference, according to the decision of the Ministry of Justice, a couple of men and women will be able to have children through surrogacy if they are married and divorced for at least 1 year or have been in actual cohabitation for at least the last 1 year, which will be notarized.

The European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology was founded by Robert Edwards and J. Cohen, who felt that the study and research in the field of reproduction needed to be encouraged and recognized. It is currently headquartered in Belgium.