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CEC publishes elections results: Georgian Dream receives over 48 % votes

By Nika Gamtsemlidze
Monday, November 2
On Saturday, October 31, Georgia held its 10th parliamentary elections. As the results of the election indicate, Georgian Dream has won the elections, however, in several majoritarian districts, the second round will be needed to identify the final winner, as, in most of the districts in Tbilisi and some around the country as well, no candidate was able to get more than 50%.

At the time of writing, the Election Administration of Georgia, CEC, has already counted and released results of 99,9% of districts.

CEC states that the Georgian Dream got more than 48% of votes, UNM more than 27%, European Georgia has 3.78%, Lelo has 3.16%, Strategy Agmashenebely and Alliance of Patriots each have 3.15%, and Girchi has 2.89%.

The US Embassy has published a special statement welcoming the high voter turnout during the parliamentary elections of Georgia. The US embassy noted that they are sharing the initial assessment of the OSCE/ODIHR, claiming that the parliamentary elections in the country were competitive and overall the fundamental freedoms of people were respected.

However, the US Embassy calls on political parties in the country to address some of the events that could have affected the elections. The US Embassy showed its support to the voters and parties to use existing legal procedures to file complaints about the elections. They also encourage all authorities to impartially investigate all documents that address violations in elections.

“The United States will continue to monitor closely the election’s progress, including the complaints and appeals process and the next round of campaigning and voting. We ask Georgia’s citizens to be patient and allow the process to be conducted in a calm, peaceful, and respectful manner in accordance with Georgian law and international standards and practices. It is the responsibility of all sides to ensure the electoral code is implemented and enforced,” reads the statement of the Embassy of USA.

The parliamentary elections in the country were monitored by many international organizations. The EU, EU Member States, Norway, and Switzerland announced, they would deploy a team of European Diplomatic Watch in Georgia. The European Diplomatic Watch was composed of more than 70 teams, which covered more than 1000 polling stations in Georgia during the elections on Saturday.

EU Ambassador to Georgia, Carl Hartzell also visited some of the polling stations in the country. He also wrote on his official Twitter page that he supports "the ODIHR electoral observation mission, Georgia's democracy, and electoral process."