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The European Union holds a closing event of the project supporting the Georgian State Electro system

By Nika Gamtsemlidze
Monday, November 30
The closing event of the EU-funded project, which lasted for 21 months and aimed to support the Georgian Government and the Georgian State Electro system, GSE, was held on November 26. The project aimed to help the Georgian government and GSE to meet the electricity market legislation of the European Union.

The event was attended by the main representatives of the Georgian energy sector, who discussed the importance of the project and its outcomes. The event intended to discuss the results and achievements of the project and to raise awareness of the energy community in the country, as well as for the public. The participants discussed the benefits and impact of the project on Georgian consumers.

Zurab Ezugbaia, a member of the Management Board of GSE, noted the project was a large step forward for Georgia to ensure "effective functioning of the Georgian power system and increase its reliability."

Alexandre Darras, Team Leader Connectivity, Energy, Environment and Climate Change, of the EU Delegation to Georgia noted that this project was a part of the large-scale support of the EU, and aimed to further modernize the Georgian energy sector.

The project launched in February of 2019, lasted for over 21 months and was funded by the EU.

The energy sector stands to be one of the priorities of the cooperation between Georgia and the European Union, which is Georgia's largest donor with more than 160 active projects in the country.

The projects tackle several different sectors, including economic development, education, justice, environment, culture, energy, and many more.