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Tikaradze presented the 10-year plan of the Ministry at the Republic Hospital

By Natalia Kochiashvili
Thursday, July 8
Minister of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labor, Health and Social Affairs Ekaterine Tikaradze briefed the citizens and members of the government on the achievements made by the Ministry in 2019-2021 and presented the 10-year plan of the ministry as well.

According to Tikaradze, the structural and personnel renewal of the ministry took place in 2019-2021. As part of the systemic change, the terms of financial compensation to clinics have been adjusted for the centralized management of state health programs, in particular, the 3-month funding interval has been reduced by one month, resulting in a debt reduction of ?200 million. The state programs were centralized. The limit for the chemotherapy/radiation therapy component of oncology patients has been increased by ?8000. In 2019-2021, the service pricing system was standardized and costs were optimized. Due to the radically different prices and out-of-pocket payments in the institutions, the implementation of a unified tariff policy for medical services has begun as

According to the minister, within the framework of the tariff, the state has started providing cardiac-defibrillators to patients free of charge. As a result of the institutional strengthening of the Regulatory Agency, the system for identifying and responding to violations has been improved.

According to Tikaradze, work has begun on the introduction of a telemedicine system, for which the state has purchased 50 units of telemedicine systems. At the same time, funding for state programs, the number of services, and geographical coverage increased in the last 2 years.

In terms of emergency coordination and emergency care center, 218 new vehicles were handed over to the ambulance fleet. 57 new district administrative buildings were opened. The ambulance of Tbilisi and the regions were transferred to the unified management.

The state cash payments, old-age pensions, social packages, and assistance to socially vulnerable children have increased. The amount of funding for the State Agency for Care and Victims of Trafficking in the State Agency for Social Rehabilitation and Child Care has increased by 5 million.

According to Tikaradze, the process of developing alternative care services is actively underway within the framework of international cooperation.

The number of beneficiaries in orphanages has significantly decreased. With the continued support of the state to strengthen families, 523 children were returned to their biological families and work began on the establishment of a long-term child care medical and social center.

Speaking at the presentation of the 10-year plan of the Ministry, Tikaradze said that the main priority of the ministry is to significantly improve the quality of life of the population.

The plan envisages universal access to health services at all stages of life. In particular, in 2021-2030, the surveillance of communicable diseases will be strengthened, effective mechanisms for health promotion will be introduced, and access to maternal and child health and reproductive health services will be improved.

In her speech, the Minister of Health also said that the Ministry will be more focused.