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Wednesday, October 20
Prepared by the Messenger Staff

Doctors Enter Rustavi 12th Penitentiary Facility to Examine Mikheil Saakashvili's Health

Doctors entered Georgia's 12th prison facility in Rustavi to assess the health of Mikheil Saakashvili, the country's third president. Before entering the prison, the medics made no comments to the media.

The doctors' council, which will assess Saakashvili's health, is made up of six doctors. It will be determined at the end of the consultation if Saakashvili will need to be hospitalized due to his 19-day hunger strike.

Melia Invites Kaladze to a Face-To-Face Debate

Nika Melia, head of the United National Movement and opposition Tbilisi mayoral candidate, challenges Kakha Kaladze, Georgian Dream Tbilisi mayoral candidate, to an open debate.

“The coalition program and the multi-party team will become an important stage in the rapid development of Tbilisi.

We will talk about this in detail tomorrow - whether it is a 100 GEL supplement to the pension, or a free food program for Tbilisi high schools, economic development of the city or infrastructure. Everything that was announced and much more detail tomorrow.

In response, the incumbent mayor of Tbilisi, instead of talking about the problems of Tbilisi, went for a campaign of hatred, which is very unfortunate.

I invite Mr. Kaladze to participate in an open debate. Let us openly educate the people of Tbilisi about our ideas and how we intend to solve their concerns!

At any time, on any channel - not in a staged discussion, but in a genuine face-to-face debate! Let us discuss our capital, which is greater than politics, without anger and insults,” said Nika Melia on Facebook.