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Monday, November 8
Prepared by the Messenger Staff

Ambulance Called in Parliament for Droa’s Elene Khoshtaria

Droa's head, Elene Khoshtaria, has demanded that former President Mikheil Saakashvili be transferred to a civil clinic. According to Elene Khoshtaria, the former president is being targeted for cynical and vicious revenge.

"It has already been five days since Elene went on hunger strike. I can say that she is significantly weakened. I think if it continues like this, the weakness will increase even more and other events may develop. Severe and anomalous events are politically damaging to the country, threatening people’s lives. Therefore, this is a difficult issue to resolve, which should be resolved in a timely manner and this process should be completed," said Gigi Tsereteli, chairman of the Political Board of European Georgia.

An ambulance was called to the parliament due to the health of the Droa party's leader, Elene Khoshtaria.

Elene Khoshtaria feels dizzy and weak, according to the doctor, as a result of her hunger strike.

Khoshtaria was offered a transfusion but she declined it.

Salome Samadashvili Comments on Saakashvili Footage, Blames Government for Violating Prisoner’s Rights

“This is a violation of a prisoner's rights. Understandably, there is a high level of public interest in Saakashvili's detention and hunger strike, but perhaps when the government plans to release any footage, it must obtain permission from the prisoner. Therefore, this is a gross violation of Mikheil Saakashvili's rights.

The release of the footage was followed by Saakashvili saying that he would aggravate his hunger strike, which only created an even deeper stalemate. Dissemination of these footage was a very gross mistake in all respects.

The longer the controversy over human life lasts and the longer the government delays taking steps to convince everyone that the threat to Saakashvili's life is neutralized, the deeper impasse the country will enter. It is in the interest of the government today to take steps that will help us to create space to defuse the situation.

The government's agenda is to prevent civil protests as much as possible, so their statements serve to warn people and try to weaken the protest wave, but today the key to this situation is in the hands of the Georgian Dream. The theme of tomorrow's rally is to ensure Saakashvili's health and life. They should take the necessary steps and the severity of the problem will be removed at this point,” Samadashvili said.