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NGOs: We Are Concerned Over Planned Attack on Inspector's Office

By The Messenger Staff
Monday, December 27
NGOs have expressed grave concern over the Georgian Dream's planned attack on the State Inspector's Office, calling for “independence of the institution and breach of trust.”

“Two years after the launch of the Inspector's Service, the independence and impartiality of the Service has been positively assessed by both the non-governmental sector and international partners.

“The service quickly and effectively dealt with the facts of possible inhuman treatment of the third president of Georgia, which is still being investigated by the agency,” the statement reads.

They said that in the process of setting up the State Inspector's Office, the non-governmental sector felt that the transfer of control functions over the legality of the investigation and information processing to one agency might not have been effective.

However, according to them, the observation of the institute clearly showed that no shortcomings were found in practice in terms of compatibility of personal data protection and investigative functions.

The organizations call on the authorities to stop the attacks on independent institutions and to create all conditions for the smooth operation of the State Inspector's Office.