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Pro-Russian Parties Sign a Letter, Saying they Support Military Neutrality of Ukraine and Georgia

By The Messenger Staff
Tuesday, February 22, 2022
The Alliance of Patriots and other pro-Russian parties and groups have sent an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The signatories are the Alliance of Patriots, Georgian March, and others.

They want to meet with members of the Russian Duma, but in the letter emphasize that in their view, Georgia and Ukraine should be countries of military neutrality.

Members of the pro-Russian parties that signed the letter referred to Vladimir Putin as ‘His Excellency.’

"We would like to inform you that we are strong supporters of building a new international security system based on justice and mutual respect between the parties.

“Military neutrality must be a fundamental approach for Georgia and Ukraine,” the statement said.

Pro-Russian parties and groups emphasize that Georgia is not a free country, which is reflected in the fact that “the Georgian government regularly offers its territory to NATO exercises against the interests of the country, which is nothing but a direct challenge to Russia.”

The statement said that opinion polls, which show that a large part of the population supports Georgia's membership in NATO, indicate that Georgia “has long been involved in a network of foreign organizations conducting false polls.”

The letter says that the only correct poll was conducted by the Alliance of Patriots and found that 75.8% of citizens are in favor of dialogue with Russia.

Pro-Russian parties write that without cooperation with Russia, Georgia will not be able to cope with either regional or, moreover, global challenges.

“We are striving for closer cooperation with Russia. We would like to meet with the leadership of the State Duma and the Federation Council to make a small but implemented contribution to the establishment of an effective regional security system,” reads the letter.