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Monday, April 18, 2022
Prepared by Liza Mchedlidze

Nikoloz Shanava, Georgian Soldier Killed in Ukraine, Repatriated

Nikoloz Shanava, a Georgian fighter killed in Ukraine by Russian occupiers, was buried with military honor at the Civil Cemetery on April 17.

Nikoloz Shanava was killed by the Russian occupiers in the city of Izium. Shanava was 21 years old.

Bodies of Georgian soldiers Nika Shanava and Davit Menabdishvili, who died in Ukraine, Izum, were repatriated to Georgia on April 15.

Three more Georgian soldiers Zaza Bitsadze, Alika Tsaava, and Arkadi Kasradze were killed in the fight with the Russians in Ukraine on April 16.

Nine Georgian soldiers were killed as a result of Russian war crimes in Ukraine: Davit Ratiani, Gia Beriashvili, Bakhva Chikobava, Davit Gobejishvili, Davit Menabdishvili, Nikoloz Shanava, Arkadi Kasradze, Zaza Bitsadze, and Alika Tsaava.

Davit Gobejishvili, Gia Beriashvili, and Davit Ratiani have already been repatriated to Georgia.

The Messenger honors the memory of the heroes killed while fighting against Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine.

Miner Dies in Itkhvisi Mine, Georgian Manganese Reports

According to the company Georgian Manganese, the head of the mining district in the Itkhvisi mine was killed while on duty. He was 30 years old.

According to them, the state labor inspector and trade unions are investigating the case.

“The company is actively involved in the process and cooperates with the investigation. We are interested in the smooth operation of the investigation to determine the objective circumstances of the incident. Georgian Manganese once again expresses deep sorrow over the incident and sympathizes with the family and relatives of the deceased,” read the statement.