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Friday, May 13, 2022
Prepared by The Messenger Staff

Georgian Citizen Sentenced to 5 years and 6 months of Illegal Imprisonment in Occupied Tskhinvali

Mamuka Chkhikvadze, illegally detained in occupied Tskhinvali, was sentenced to 5 years and 6 months in prison.

According to the State Security Service, the illegal decision was preceded by the illegal detention of Mamuka Chkhikvadze by the Russian occupation forces and the fabrication of fabricated charges against him.

“The sentencing of Mamuka Chkhikvadze to unlawful detention has once again demonstrated the inhuman and criminal nature of the occupation, for which the Russian Federation has full responsibility as a force exercising control over the occupied territories.

"From the very first day of Mamuka Chkhikvadze's illegal detention, the 'hotline' has been regularly activated and the issue of his unconditional release has been actively discussed at the meetings of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism,” the statement reads.

Chkhikvadze was detained by the occupation forces near the village of Zemo Nikozi on December 12 last year.

European Council to Discuss Ukraine's EU Membership at June Summit

According to the French Foreign Ministry, the European Council will consider Ukraine's accession to the European Union at its June summit.

"The French president and foreign minister have repeatedly stated that Ukraine is part of the European family. Ukraine's application for membership is now being considered by the European Commission and will be discussed at a European Council summit in June,” the French Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Arriving in Ukraine on April 8, Ursula von der Layen, President of the European Commission, handed over a questionnaire to President Zelensky on EU membership. According to Lain, this step has further accelerated the process of granting EU membership status to Ukraine.

In a few days, Georgia and Moldova received the questionnaire as well. The countries have already submitted the first and second parts of the questionnaire to the European Commission.