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US to Fully Support Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic Aspirations, US Ambassador to Georgia Says

By Khatia Bzhalava
Wednesday, June 15, 2022
We have been advocating on behalf of Georgia’s EU candidacy because we want to see Georgia succeed in its European aspirations, US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan told reporters on Monday. She also stressed that for 30 years, the United States has been working toward Georgia’s full integration into NATO, stressing that “that is what the people of Georgia want, and that is what the United States firmly supports.”

“Almost everything that we have done and are doing here in Georgia is designed to support the people of Georgia’s desire to be part of the European Union and to be part of NATO,” the ambassador told reporters.

According to her, allegations about the United States working against Georgia or trying to drag Georgia into the war or open a ‘second front’ is a ‘hundred percent Russian disinformation’.

“We absolutely do not want to see Georgia dragged into this war. In our view, what the European Union – and NATO stand for is peace, stability, and prosperity…and we want that for Georgia too,” she said.

According to the ambassador, the US will continue to be fully committed to Georgia’s sovereignty, its territorial integrity, and to its desire to be fully integrated into the Euro-Atlantic family of nations.

Yesterday, the Embassy of the United States to Georgia said the United States would not “turn its back” on its partners in Georgia and Ukraine no matter how much their independence might ‘irritate’ Russia.

“With the collaborative support from the West, Georgia and Ukraine stand, maintaining their sovereignty and independence. As much as the independence of these countries might annoy Russia, the United States will not turn its back on its partners,” the embassy reported, adding that “the west is more united than ever.”