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Monday, June 27, 2022
Prepared by Messenger Staff

Charles Michel Says EU Ready to Grant Georgia Candidate Status When Reforms Implemented

According to the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, as soon as these countries implement the necessary reforms, the European Union is ready to grant Georgia and Bosnia, and Herzegovina the status of EU candidates.

“This war is also reshaping the European Union. Just a few days ago, at our latest European Council meeting, we agreed to give Ukraine and Moldova candidate status. And we are ready to grant candidate status to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to Georgia, once reforms have been addressed. This is a historic moment for Ukraine. And for the future of Europe”, he said before the G7 summit.

Goal is to Stop Supplying Oxygen to Russian War Machine, Says Charles Michel

During his speech at the G7 summit in Bavaria, the President of the European Council, Charles Michel said that the G7 countries share the same goal, which is to “stop supplying oxygen to the Russian war machine.”

He said ‘Russia's war has put the world in danger’ and that this has affected food and fuel supplies, prices and security.

According to Michel, the G7 and the EU have an ‘unshakable unity’ to support Ukraine, and the EU will continue to provide financial, humanitarian and political support to Ukraine. At the same time, Michel stressed that he is ready to provide and strongly support the reconstruction of Ukraine.

According to the President of the European Council, the war is also shaping the EU by granting candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova.

“War means the world has changed since last year's G7 summit in Cornwall. The world is watching us - let us make the right decisions and uphold international law,” said Charles Michel.

Droa’s Leader Elene Khoshtaria Supports Says Forming Interim Government Must Follow Government’s Resignation

Droa party founder Elene Khoshtaria stated that she supports the society’s demand for Gharibashvili’s resignation, but added that forming an interim government is a must.

“De-oligarchization needs a concrete plan, which we heard from the people's movement yesterday and we declare full support for it. This is the first step - to demand the resignation of the Government, the government as a whole - Gharibashvili and the team that brought our government and country to a standstill. No one has the illusion that only the resignation of the Government will be the end of de-oligarchization - the resignation of the Government should lead to the formation of an interim Government of national consent, which will be a tool for fulfilling the requirements that the EU made very clear to us. Part of these 12 points is to create a fair election environment in order to establish fair elections in our country. External pressure for democracy, external pressure for the support of our people, as well as the sanctioning of Bidzina Ivanishvili and his entourage, and such an orderly united movement from within will inevitably lead to de-oligarchization and a European future,” Khoshtaria said.