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NATO Summit to “Step Up Tailored Political and Practical Support” to Partners Including Georgia

By Khatia Bzhalava
Thursday, June 30, 2022
NATO Madrid Summit adopted a declaration that summarized NATO’s commitment to providing “tailored political and practical support” to its ally countries, including Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Moldova.

According to the document, the Summit participants gathered in Madrid to demonstrate the alliance’s unity and reaffirm the enduring transatlantic bond between its nations.

“In light of the changed security environment in Europe, we have decided on new measures to step up tailored political and practical support to partners, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, and the Republic of Moldova. We will work with them to build their integrity and resilience, develop capabilities, and uphold their political independence. We will also enhance our capacity-building support to partners from the South,” reads the declaration.

NATO Madrid Summit participants also adopted the 2022 NATO Strategic Concept, according to which NATO will continue to develop the partnership with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, and Ukraine to advance the common interest in Euro-Atlantic peace, stability and security.

As the document notes, the security of countries aspiring to become members of the Alliance is intertwined with the interests of the alliance. The document also reads that the alliance strongly supports the independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of those countries. The document noted that NATO will strengthen political dialogue and cooperation with those who aim to join the Alliance, help them strengthen their resilience against malign interference, build their capabilities, and enhance the practical support to advance their Euro-Atlantic aspirations.

“We will continue to develop our partnerships with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, and Ukraine to advance our common interest in Euro-Atlantic peace, stability, and security. We reaffirm the decision we took at the 2008 Bucharest Summit and all subsequent decisions with respect to Georgia and Ukraine,” reads the document.