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Russians show Georgian soldier's personal file in released video, Ministry of Defense of Georgia comments

By Liza Mchedlidze
Wednesday, August 10, 2022
The Russian propaganda media released a video, which shows that Russians found the data of soldiers hired by Ukraine in Donbass in Lysychansk.

Since their invasion of Ukraine, Russians have been spreading the lie that all non-Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers fighting for Ukraine are hired terrorists.

In the video, one of the Russian soldiers looks at Mikheil Kamkhadze's personal file in front of the camera, which has the official marks of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia.

Among the cases is a professional Georgian soldier, Mikheil Kamkhadze, who was an instructor of the Ukrainians and trained them in NATO standard training.

Kamkhadze himself, who is now serving in the armed forces of Ukraine, says that he brought his case to the tank factory of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia in 2017, where he was supposed to be assigned, he did not take it back, and therefore the documents should have been kept in the department.

He assumes that the archive department of Juansher Burchuladze's agency handed over the case from the archive to the Kremlin.

"I couldn't physically have these documents in my hands, I submitted these documents and left them at the tank factory. After that, I waited for a call and an appointment. This process dragged on, and in 2017 I left for Ukraine. A sum of money was paid for it, and I have no doubt that the information went from here to there that 'this person came and prepared people', then from there they requested, such is a network. This is taken from the archive and handed over" Mikheil Kamkhadze said.

Regarding the case of Mikheil Kamkhadze, the Ministry of Defense states that the personal file of the former soldier, which was in the hands of the Russians, was not kept in their archive, but in the district commissariat.

The agency claims that the information about the removal of Mikheil Kamkhadze's personal file from the archives of the Ministry of Defense is a lie.

In addition, according to the Ministry of Defense, they are investigating whether the documents shown in the leaked footage are actually authentic.

"After the dismissal of a military serviceman from the defense forces, their personal files are not kept in material form in the structural units of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia and the defense forces and are sent to the relevant structures of the municipality.

The personal file of Mikheil Kamkhadze has been forwarded from the Ministry of Defense to the relevant district commissariat and is kept there in its original state. Thus, it is impossible for reserve officers' personal files to leave any agency. Accordingly, the appropriate service will determine whether the documents shown in the media footage are actually authentic and where they were found in Ukraine." statement reads.