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UNM Chairman Melia holds briefing regarding mass outflow of employees at MIA

By Liza Mchedlidze
Tuesday, August 23, 2022
Chairman of the "United National Movement" Nika Melia held a briefing regarding the outflow of employees from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, at which he stated that hundreds of policemen are leaving their jobs and going abroad.

"That the outflow of employees from the law enforcement structures is massive, this is demonstrated by the vacancies announced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs only in August - and the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced a competition to fill 145 vacancies only in the police department. The Police do not remember such a large-scale vacancy!

There are hundreds of reports with requests to leave the service, which are not accepted, but many run away without even asking. They run away and come to America through Mexico, they call to announce that they have left the agency. They are running away because this government does not leave a place for patriotic people in this country to stay," said Nika Melia.

The UNM leader stated that "the policemen are asked to fulfill so many illegal orders, the employees of the agency prefer to leave the country or go to other services". As Melia said at a briefing held at the party office, the force that will come after the change of government will do everything to ensure that the police fight against criminals and not again against the opponents of the government.

"The stateless oligarch has established such a regime in this country that it has become unbearable to stay here even for hundreds of thousands of citizens who value their homeland. That's why people run away from this country! They prefer to live in a foreign country rather than being emigrated in their own country, rather than being displaced and excluded in their own homeland! Yes, not only hundreds of thousands of unemployed and job seekers are leaving this country, thousands of policemen are leaving this country - patriotic policemen employed in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs," Melia said.

According to the United National Movement leader, people working in Police Departments are asked to fulfill many illegal orders and they prefer to leave the police 'especially when employment is such a big issue in the country'. He also commented on the 'ridiculous and humiliating' salary Police officers have:

"Yes, gentlemen, police salaries are ridiculous and humiliating!" Their salary does not exceed 1,600 GEL, while their minister, Ivanishvili's personal bodyguard Gomelauri boasts of luxurious houses and country houses, pays for a wedding for his family member for several hundred thousand GEL, where he pays 5 thousand GEL for one cake only."

The Ministry of Internal Affairs published an announcement on 145 vacancies in the patrol police on August 17.

After materials were prepared in the media that the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are leaving, on August 20, the Department of Strategic Communications responded to the information with a statement stating that "this is an attempt to mislead the public."

"The ministry is one of the most numerous agencies in the country, where 40,000 people work. Therefore, leaving employees and hiring new employees is a normal work process. Also, the usual work process is to open and transparently conduct the vacancies announced on the website of the Ministry in order to recruit new staff. "As for the competition announced on August 17 of this year, for filling 145 different vacancies in the Patrol Police Department of the Ministry in Tbilisi and the regions, it is due to the increase in the flow of passengers and transport at all border crossing points, as well as the increase in the number of patrol police crews in the regions," the agency explained in the released statement.