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'We should reach a consensus through compromises' Mdinaradze on the procedure of electing the public defender

By Liza Mchedlidze
Wednesday, August 31, 2022
At the meeting between the political groups in the Parliament ended, the MPs had to discuss the procedure for selecting the candidacy of the Public Defender.

After the meeting, the chairman of the "Georgian Dream" faction, Mamuka Mdinaradze, told the media that there were differences of opinion on the part of the opposition parties that attended the meeting, although they demanded that the process of choosing the ombudsman be inclusive and involve non-governmental organizations.

Mdinaradze states that it will be easier for the ruling team to agree on procedures with the opposition than on the candidacy of the ombudsman.

"They have different opinions and attitudes. "European socialists," said that the previous case should be excluded. They believe that it was a previous case in that we directly appointed a "Nazi" as a public defender, and this should not happen to us. Others believe otherwise. We may face more problems than the candidates, we have to reach a consensus through compromises. We will work so that a more or less acceptable candidate is elected," said Mamuka Mdinaradze.

According to his own report, the parliamentary majority will meet with non-governmental organizations tomorrow, and in the evening the team will introduce their vision to the public.

Giorgi Khojevanishvili, a member of Giorgi Gakharia's "For Georgia" party, emphasizes the importance of the involvement of the non-governmental sector in the process. The faction attended the meeting of the working group. Khojevanishvili said that the starting point for his team will be how acceptable the candidate is to society.

The Vice-Speaker, "Citizens" leader Levan Ioseliani talked about the need to agree on the candidate. According to him, the opinion of non-governmental organizations is important, although it is possible for political groups to take responsibility and submit candidates. Ioseliani criticized the factions that did not attend the meeting.

Deputies of "National Movement", "Strategy Aghmashenebeli" and "Lelo" did not attend the meeting in the parliament.

As Davit Usupashvili, a member of "Lelo", stated, the faction will be involved in the parliamentary activities from the stages of committee, bureau, and sessions.

"Strategy Agmashenebeli" and "National Movement" have both announced that they will support the candidate selected by the civil sector.