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BMG editor applies to the ombudsman to investigate alleged discriminatory treatment

By Liza Mchedlidze
Monday, September 19, 2022
BMG journalist Telara Gelantia applied to the public defender to investigate the possible fact of discriminatory treatment of her by the government, BMG reports on this and notes that the "Information Freedom Development Institute" (IDFI) provides them with legal assistance.

Telara Gelantia was not allowed to cover the government session on September 12. BMG writes that the government administration did not refuse the entry of the operator, and as they explained, the ban applies only to Telara Gelantia personally and not to television in general.

The journalist believes that the said decision of the Georgian government administration is illegal and discriminatory, and it contradicts the basic right to equality protected by Article 11 of the Georgian Constitution and the Law of Georgia "On Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination".

"The said decision of the Georgian government, on the one hand, discriminates against the applicant as an individual journalist and, on the other hand, contains a threat to the development of an informed and democratic society. In particular, the discrimination of a journalist due to the preparation of substantiated and critical stories may have a dampening effect on the activities of other journalists. Considering that discriminatory treatment is used by the highest body of the executive power, the fact in itself creates a danger of imitation by other public institutions, which contributes to the creation of a hostile environment towards the media and worsens the quality of media freedom in Georgia," IDFI said.