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Wednesday, December 7, 2022
Prepared by Messenger Staff

Public Defender's Consilium demands Saakashvili's transfer abroad for medical treatment

The Consilium of the Public Defender prepared a report on the health condition of Mikheil Saakashvili. Four doctors examined the ex-president on December 5.

According to neurologist Tengiz Tsuladze, Mikheil Saakashvili's health condition has deteriorated 'significantly' compared to April.

"The deterioration was manifested in weight loss, deterioration of the patient's cognitive functions, polyneuropathy, muscle wasting, general weakness, he cannot stand, he stands with help, it is difficult to make contact, his cognitive sphere was assessed and it is also impaired. He has a fever, all this gave us the right to talk about such a serious complication such as cachexia.

It was more anorexia than starvation. The patient claims that he is not starving himself, and therefore, he has nausea and cannot take food, against this background this serious complication - cachexia has developed," said the neurologist.

According to Tengiz Tsuladze fundamental decisions should be made and Saakashvili should be transferred abroad in clinic with relevant experiences:

"I think it should be removed from this environment and transferred to another place... The patient should be taken out of the country and treated elsewhere, in another multi-specialty clinic with relevant experience," he said

According to Tengiz Tsuladze, despite local doctors working very hard, "the country does not have much experience in managing such patients".

"The fourth level of cachexia means that the life expectancy may be several months. If the weight loss continues, of course. If it does not continue and stops or improves, no, but if it continues, it can be very life-threatening," said neurologist Tengiz Tsuladze.

'No response from Georgian gov't to Ukraine's request for aid', Ukraine Embassy representative says

"Unfortunately, since the beginning of Russia's large-scale aggression, despite numerous requests, we have not received a response from the Georgian government regarding the delivery of arms, ammunition, and other military and dual-purpose equipment to Ukraine," said Andrey Kasyanov, the Temporarily Representative of the Embassy of Ukraine in Georgia, said at the briefing.

According to him the request for military assistance to Georgia is fully justified, because Ukraine provided great humanitarian, military-technical and political assistance to Georgia in the wars of 1993 and 2008.

"We have always been honest and open with our intentions. We still believe that Ukraine's appeal for military aid to its brother Georgia at a time when the conversation was about life or death, was completely justified, fair and necessary, because the Ukrainian government helped with the evacuation of Georgian refugees in the Svaneti mountains, provided the strongest humanitarian aid to Georgia in 1993, as well as military-technical and political aid in 2008.

It was also justified and necessary to organize an attempt to send dedicated Georgian brave men to Ukraine, who decided to protect our countries from the common enemy - the Russian Federation.

Also, we reject any accusations against Ukraine of trying to drag Georgia into a war with the Russian Federation.

"We are very concerned about the constant accusations and speculations on this topic in the internal politics of Georgia," Kasyanov said.