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State Security Service of Georgia's Successful Counter-Terrorism Operation in Georgia Results in Apprehension of Foreign Citizen Linked to ISIS

By Liza Mchedlidze
Monday, May 8, 2023
According to the State Security Service of Georgia, the national counter-terrorist system, in collaboration with competent agencies, has successfully identified the activities of the terrorist organization Islamic State in various foreign countries. As a result, one foreign citizen has been apprehended.

Bacha Mgeladze, Acting Director of the Counter-Terrorist Center, has reported that due to comprehensive counter-terrorist operations, substantial materials and evidence have been acquired, leading to the identification of terrorist activities taking place in foreign countries.

Mgeladze revealed that a device containing electronic data was acquired, and it contained satellite images of strategic locations in the United States of America and European capitals. Through extensive counter-terrorist operations, the individuals associated with the terrorist organization, their communication methods, areas of interest, and potential targets for attacks outside of Georgia have been successfully identified.

Mgeladze stated that in light of the risks posed by international terrorism, the State Security Service has decided to promptly share the information obtained during the ongoing criminal investigation with Georgia's international partners and neighboring countries such as Turkey:

"We obtained a device carrying electronic information from which satellite photos of strategic objects of the United States of America and European capitals were extracted. Within the framework of large-scale counter-terrorist measures, the persons in contact with the terrorist organization, communication forms, methods, areas of interest, and possible attack targets outside Georgia have been identified.

Due to the international terrorist risks, according to the decision of the State Security Service, the information obtained within the framework of the ongoing criminal investigation was promptly shared with Georgia's international partners and neighboring countries, including Turkey.

In addition, operative search, investigative and secret investigative actions are actively being carried out in the service at this stage. The State Security Service of Georgia continues its uncompromising fight against international terrorism.

Georgia remains one of the reliable partners of the international counter-terrorist system," said Mgeladze.